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Teacher Resources

  1. Virtual Librarian:  This is Ms. Cheby's website that contains resources regarding using the LAUSD databases, the research process, etc.   It is written for high school students and teachers, so maybe used by elementary teachers to understand resources and use them for planning or in lessons.

  2. ILTSS (Integrated Library and Textbook Support Services):  While this may be more useful for librarian, since you do not currently have a librarian, the staff at ILTSS would be the place to go if you have questions of problems with the library services. 

Interactive and Web 2.0 Tools

These tools may be used using technology in lessons, both to present a lesson to a class or for students to share their learning.  

Nearpod:  Allows for teacher controlled slide shows and interactive questions. Though it can be used on any computer, the teacher has the most monitoring options when students are using ipads or tablets. 

Socrative; This offers the opportunity to give quizzes, take polls, and create exit tickets for students to respond on tablets or other mobile devices or computers. 

Other Interactive Teaching Tools : This is a list of these tools and others updated by Ms. Cheby, Teacher Libarian.

Presentation Tools:  These are tools for teachers and/or students to use to present information to a group or to individuals.  These are multi-media and often interactive.