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Student Emails

Activating Student Emails and Resetting Passwords

Student eMails Are Now Self-Service!

Students may activate and reset passwords for their LAUSD email accounts on their own by clicking on this link.  (This site may only be accessed when on the LAUSD network.)

Before students go to the website they must have these 3 pieces of information:

  1. Your District ID (on your ID card)

  2. Your date of birth

  3. Your Student PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Students may get their PIN from any of their teachers or from an administrator who has access to their information in MyData.


TEACHERS: Here are instructions for generating a list of student emails and PINs for each class.

Once a student has all these items follow these steps:

1. Click on this link to set or reset your LAUSD password (it only works at school) 

2. Select Student

3. Agree to the terms and condition in the Acceptable Use Policy

4. Enter your Student ID# for District ID.  Use lowercase for the letters.

5. Enter your birthdate in this format: MM/DD/YYYY 

6. Enter your student PIN

7. Follow the directions to set your password.  Be sure to write down your email address and save your password in a secure and private location.  

8. Go to  and click on "Open"



Why activate your LAUSD email? 

Though there are many options for email accounts, here are some advantages to having an LAUSD email:

· Allows you to keep your school and personal emails separate

· Will always be able to access on or off campus without firewalls or blocks

· Allows you to download ebook and use advanced features of the Library Destiny Catalog

· Allows you to access LAUSD subscription services off-campus