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Stories by Vena Students

 Case of the Stolen Diamonds

By Jayla Bryant

     Once there was a girl named Selina. She was a cop and she guarded a museum called Diamond Palace. There were statues, old instruments, and diamonds in the diamond palace.

     One night a man named Roger snuck into the museum and stole 15 of the rubies from their cases. The next morning Selina, (the cop), found smashed cases and glass on the floor. Selina and the rest of the cops went all over town to find the criminal. One cop asked, “Where could a criminal be in New York?” Another person said “Yeah, we will never find him in this big city!” The other cops wondered how that cop knew the criminal was a man. He said, “It was a wild guess.” They believed him. What they did not know was that he knew the person who stole the diamonds. They kept searching and searching until they got a call from the museum. They said they had surveillance of who it was. It turns out, the pictures showed Rodger, who was the cop that said that the thief was a man.

     They arrested Rodger, but when he was in court he tried to lie to the judge. The judge sentenced him for 2 to 5 years in jail. He was released on September 13, 2009. After that he never robbed again.