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Marathon Kids

Back on Track - Marathon Kids


by James Rowen Mondares & Jaden Fletcher

James Jaden


Any driver passing by Vena on October 18 may have seen something unusual.  Half the school was being active.  Experts say that if kids aren’t active, they’re more likely to have health problems, behavior problems, and self-esteem issues.  There’s a way to prevent these problems.  Marathon Kids is a program that motivates kids to get running and walking, eat healthy, and set higher goals for themselves.  Marathon Kids was founded in 1995 to boost kids’ physical activity.


On October 18, Vena encouraged its third and fourth graders to walk/run around the school’s perimeter, and its first and second graders to walk/run around the school’s playground.  Last year at Vena, Marathon Kids was only for fifth graders, but this year it’s for almost the entire school. 


Some teachers are having their students run around the track at PE.  They are also encouraging kids to start running at home.  Students record their miles, and when they reach 26.2 miles they receive a T-shirt that says 26.2.  When they reach 2 marathons, or 52.4 miles, they get Nike shoelaces.  When they reach 3 marathons, or 78.6 miles, they get a Nike shoe tag.  When they reach 4 marathons, or 104.8 miles, they get a Nike wristband.    


According to the Marathon Kids website, kids who participate in the Marathon Kids program have a much better shot at daily activity, which is very good for them.  According to fifth grade teacher, Dr. Dedman, if you start running at a young age, you will be fit when you are older.  Therefore, if kids start getting daily activity, it’s more likely they will be healthier when they grow up.


According to the Marathon Kids website, their methods have been tested, researched, revised, and they work.  One Vena students shared a positive review of the program.  Fourth grader Syriah Sanchez says, “It’s a good way to help kids get exercise, and it’s a good way to motivate kids.” 


The person who brought Marathon Kids to Vena is fifth grade teacher Mrs. Chavez.  According to Mrs. Chavez, the goal of Marathon Kids is to get kids running, and to increase their overall health and fitness.  Fifth grade student Lauren Barcai thinks Marathon Kids is a valuable program.  She says kids can exercise while having fun.  Fourth grader Rayleen Castanos says that Marathon Kids is good for your body and yourself. 


Marathon Kids helps kids stay in motion, and when a kid is in motion, that kid is in motion for life, according to the website.  Fifth grader Neyocoyaliztli Salazar says, “I do want to continue this program in the future.  I want to because I like to exercise, and I love sports.” 


According to the Marathon Kids website, the organization has been around for more than 20 years.  The program is in 252 U.S. cities in 40 states.  Last year, approximately 170,000 kids ran 15 million miles at school, in their neighborhoods, and with community organizations.  Mrs. Chavez says, “I hope that people see it’s important, and we’ll continue it next year.”


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