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Vena Avenue Elementary & Gifted Magnet

Vena Avenue Elementary/Magnet is the hidden jewel of northeast San Fernando Valley in the city of Arleta.

Nestled in a quiet residential area with the mountains as a backdrop, Vena is an oasis from the bustling city and nearby freeways.  Though from the exterior, we may look like a typical elementary school, on the inside, our school is extraordinary and successful.

Our school's greatest strength is our common vision--teachers, staff members, parents, and administrators are dedicated to teaching our children the academic, social, and personal skills that encourage the love of learning.  Our goal is for our students to become responsible citizens who will enjoy productive lives.  We strive to meet the individual needs of student learning styles while focusing on the "whole child." 

Along with grades Kinder through Fifth, we have a transitional kinder and an expanded transitional kinder for preschoolers. In addition, there is a preschool for all learners (PALS), and a Specific Learning Disability Class (SLD) for students with IEPs. A gifted/high-ability magnet for second through fifth graders is also onsite.

Students come through the school gates from many different backgrounds as well as with varying abilities and needs.  But at Vena, all students will work toward their individual potential in a SAFE learning environment.  Students will be RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE citizens.

Let's be proud of the VENA TIGERS!  See our School Song and Cadence! 

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