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Magnet Parent Group: VPFK

Parent Involvement

Here at Vena, we are in a unique situation of having a school within a school.  The resident and magnet schools work together and rely on each other.  Though there are two schools, we are united under one mission--"To Prepare for Success."

 Parent involvement is an integral component to student success.  There are many ways for Vena Magnet families to support our school. 

FUNDRAISING--With limited funding from the government, schools need assistance to provide for equipment, materials, and educational enrichment programs that will benefit students.  Vena Parents for Kids (VPFK) is a booster club for Vena Avenue Gifted/High Ability Magnet.  Through past efforts, Vena Parents for Kids have helped support the costs of field trips, classroom materials, science and math enrichment, and drama lessons.  Fundraisers, such as Art Gallery Night, Spell-a-thon, and Poetry Night, not only raise money but raise school spirit and camaraderie.

VOLUNTEERING--Whether it is volunteering regularly in the classroom, helping as a room parent, or becoming a chaperone on a field trip, children will respond to seeing their parents in action.

HELPING AT HOME--Parents who have busy schedules can demonstrate their interest in their child's schooling by checking on homework and school projects, asking about what their child is learning in school, and communicating with teachers about questions or concerns.