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The Library and Its Librarian

By: Oscar Orellana Jr. and Jaime Salazar

Every day kids from Vena Avenue Elementary school go to the school's new library. We interviewed the school's librarian, Ms. Gonzalez , and she told us interesting facts about the library and herself.

Meet Ms. Gonzalez

   Ms. Gonzalez has loved books since she was a little girl. She always knew that when she grew up she would love her job as long as it had books. Her first job was at UCLA's library. After UCLA she wanted a job at Barnes and Noble, but instead got a job at LAUSD and ended up as Vena's librarian. 

Target's Help    

   Vena's old library was not in good shape. Target's Heart of America program sponsored Vena and funded the new library. The old library had no color, and not a lot of books. It was small, had little technology, and not much furniture. So thank you, Target, for sponsoring our school.

The New Library

   The library has had a makeover. Now it has a row of computers, it is large (2 rooms), it is filled with books, it is colorful, and it has comfortable furniture. Also, it is open every day! Students can visit the library before school and during school, including recess and lunch. If you haven't finished your school work, you can finish it in the library.

New Books

    The library is stacked with books. There is a total of 10,000 books in the library. Ms. Gonzalez says the library earns about $2,000 dollars in profit each year from the school's book fairs. According to Ms. Gonzalez, the money is used to purchase a couple hundred new books each year for the library.

The Students' Perspective                

   We interviewed some children about the new library. 4th grader Willan Armes said, “I like the new library because it has more space and a variety of books.” Another 4th grader, Amanda Milar, said, “I like the new library schedule because it is open every day.” 4th grader Keziah Michaella Miralles, who visits the library at recess, said she loves books because they teach her about the world.        

Tigers Rule

    So, book lovers, give the library a roar! Make sure to buy books at the book fair to help support the library! Read daily, and have fun with books.

Oscar jaime
Oscar Orellana and Jaime Salazar were fourth grade students from Room 9. Ms. Branda, their teacher, is proud to have had such a great team of journalists!

tiger books

Save Books!

   Today, people use electronics more than they read books. What if there is a power outage, leaving you without electricity? You can always read a book. Consider limiting your use of electronics, and make time to read books!


Read Daily!

   You should read daily. Read for at least 20-30 minutes every day so you can develop your speaking and reading skills.