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Character Day

A Day for Developing Character

by Brijeshray Singh & Gabriel Soto 

brij Gabriel

What is Character Day?  According to the website,, it’s a day for people all over the world to watch films on character development, and have great discussions about who we are, and who we want to be in the world.  


This year Vena celebrated Character Day for the first time.  On September 22nd, Vena’s third, fourth, and fifth graders met in the auditorium for an assembly led by Ms. Richardson, Vena’s Problem Solving and Data Coordinator, and Ms. Saldana, Vena’s Magnet and Intervention Coordinator.  According to Ms. Richardson, “Character Day is an opportunity for classes and schools all over the world now to talk about the different elements to your character, and to recognize that who you are today doesn’t need to be who you are tomorrow, so you have an opportunity to change yourself and become someone even better.”


At Vena, students watched a film in the auditorium and then discussed the character traits they currently have, and the ones they want to develop.  Ms. Richardson gave the students a placemat containing a list of character traits so the students would have a guide to refer to.  Students were asked to select their top three traits, and the three traits they’d like to work on.  Emely Ravelo, a fifth grader, says, “I think your character strengths are important because your character makes you, you, and it makes you a better person.”  Fifth grader Yessenia Ruiz says it’s important to have good character because you’ll have better friends. 


Since 2014 many people all over the world have celebrated Character Day.  According to the Character Day website, in its first year, 1,500 schools and organizations in 32 countries participated in Character Day.  In 2015 more than 6,700 groups participated in more than 100 countries.  In its third year, 2016, there were approximately 90,000 Character Day events in 124 countries, including all 50 states in the United States. 


Mrs. Baron, Vena’s Principal, and Ms. Richardson plan to have Character Day at Vena next year.  “I would like to expand it to a schoolwide event because I would like everyone to participate,” says Ms. Richardson.  According to Mrs. Baron, Vena has already signed up for next year’s Character Day event, which will take place on September 13, 2017.  Fourth grader Angel Diaz thinks that’s a good idea.  “I think we should have another Character Day because every year we have new students, and we need to know their personality.”