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Mrs. Baron’s Second Year

by Dahlia Ochoa Martinez & Mikayla Levine



Vena hired a new principal at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.  Her name is Mrs. Baron.  You may have seen her on the yard, or you may have seen her on the news talking about Vena’s Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) scores.  “I was at first surprised with the numbers, because we went up so much.  Then I felt proud of all the students and teachers for a job well done,” said Mrs. Baron about last year’s scores.


Ms. Richardson, Vena’s Problem Solving and Data Coordinator, says that Mrs. Baron has a pretty hard job.  Sometimes she is so busy that she eats lunch at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Mrs. Baron says that sometimes she feels like her days are never-ending.  She also says that her first year was a blur. 


As principal, Mrs. Baron has a lot of responsibilities.  One of her responsibilities is to make sure the community is happy.  “My biggest challenge as principal is trying to meet the needs of all stakeholders,” she says.  “Every day there is something that needs my immediate attention.”


Another responsibility of Mrs. Baron’s is that she needs to keep the school safe.  Fifth grader Joseluis Garcia says that Mrs. Baron makes him feel safe.  He says, “My favorite quality about her is that she is fun, and always happy, and makes me feel safe at school.” 


Kelsey Brinkle, a fifth grader, says, “My favorite quality of Mrs. Baron is her involvement.  She is always helping the students, always supervising our lunch, and always keeping us involved.”


There are also things that are easy for Mrs. Baron.  Ms. Richardson says that she thinks the instruction part of the job comes naturally to her because Mrs. Baron used to be a teacher.  She taught at Sendak Elementary School and Fernangeles Elementary School.  She also planned professional development for the district.


Looking toward the future, Mrs. Baron says, “My hopes are that we continue to improve, not only on SBAC, but also on all academic measures, and that students continue to learn.”