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     Annual Art Auction


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Art Auction

Fundraising with Art

by Ayalette Bernal & Savannah Vasquez


ayalette savannah


Creating art is a chance for kids to have an opportunity to express themselves.  Magnet students created art to be auctioned off at Vena’s fifth annual art auction on November 15. 


Vena’s magnet students were given art lessons by art teacher Ms. Bergamo.  She taught textures to the second graders, watercolor art to the third graders, tree drawings to the fourth graders, and landscape art to the fifth graders.  Some of the art for sale included sculptures, water color paintings of mountains, and oil pastel drawings of trees.  According to Christopher Aguirre, a third grader, “I made a watercolor sea animal for the art gallery.  I would describe it being a work of art.”


How people buy pieces of art at the auction is by bidding.  Each bid has to be $5 or more.  If another person bids more money than you, then that person gets to purchase the art that you bid on.  According to Mrs. Armes, co-chair of Vena Parents for Kids (VPFK), this year’s art auction raised $899 for the magnet program.  She says this year’s crowd was the largest they’ve ever had. 


Ms. Debuque, Vena’s second grade magnet teacher, hosted the art auction.  The evening began with her music club singing and playing their flutophones and ukuleles.  They performed several different songs, including “Stressed Out” and “Eight Days a Week.”  After the performance, people began bidding on the art. 


According to fifth grader Oscar Orellana, “I think the art auction is good for our school because all proceeds from the art goes to the school for activities and supplies.”  Fifth grader Angelina Gevorgyan says, “I feel good about helping the magnet program because Vena has been, and still is, my school.  And I will do anything to help it.”


Things that Ms. Saldaña, Vena’s Magnet Coordinator and Intervention Coordinator, would like to do differently next year include such things as making a movie of students creating their art pieces to present during the art auction.  She also would like to add the event to the school’s marquee  and have students create a personalized invitation for their parents.  She would like to add a couple of photos of the students to the flyer that gets sent home, and she’d also like for people to be able to pay for their art with credit cards.  Ms. Saldana says, “I think next year’s art auction will be even better.”


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