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All About Animals


By Katrina Casillas

   Horses are very beautiful animals. They come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. There are also many different types of horses. Horses can run up to 60 miles per hour! That’s about how fast you go in a car on the freeway! Many people use horses because of their strength too. They pull heavy loads and equipment that farmers need moved or shipped. But different horses are used for different things. For example, the American Paint Horse is used for pulling heavy loads, while the American Quarter Horse is used for riding. You need to keep a horse well fed. They eat a lot of different things such as fruits, vegetables and hay. Horses are very smart too. They can be taught to jump fences and go through obstacles. People even enter them in racing and jumping competitions. Nature truly is a great artist for it has made a useful and beautiful animal called the horse.



     Dolphins are very interesting to learn about. Dolphins are very smart and are special. They can make big splashes when when they dive in and jump out of the water. Female dolphins can have at least one baby per month or year. Dolphins are found in every ocean on Earth, and even in rivers. The Pink Dolphin lives in the Amazon River! They eat fishes and other small things in the ocean or sea. Dolphins are cute, fun to ride on, and pet. Dolphins have a very shiny skin. Dolphins are very calm and still. That why I chose to learn about dolphins.



Bald Eagles are great animals to study. Bald eagles are a great symbol of the UNITED STATES because they represent freedom. I believe this, because they fly.

Another interesting fact about eagles is that they can build nests that are as big as some cars. Some nests weigh about 200 pounds. Can you believe that? It only takes them about 20 weeks to build them to this size. These eagles need to have such large nests for their eggs that need to hatch. The bald eagle babies will soon be large like their parents, so they need a lot of room to grow.

Do you know why they are called bald eagles? They have this name because the white feathers on their heads make them look like they are bald. Bald eagle babies are one of the few species of birds that are born with hair. That is something else that makes them special.

Most bald eagles live and make their nests next to rivers, because the food that they like to eat lives there. Bald eagles eat fish, turtles, and other creatures and insects that live near the water. They dive down to the water and catch their food with their very strong beaks.

One last fact that is very cool about bald eagles is that they can fly really fast.  Bald eagles can fly between 30 and 35 mph.  Wow, that is faster than I can ride my bike!

I liked learning about bald eagles. They are a great animal to learn about. I hope you liked learning about them too!