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What to Wear and What Not to Wear at School

By Emily Hernandez

     If you don’t know what to wear at Vena, take some of my advice.

     Something that you should mostly wear to school is pants. You should mostly wear pants so people won’t see your things that you have under your pants. Something that you should not wear is shorts that are too short. You shouldn’t wear shorts that are too short, because people can see parts of your body you don’t want them to see.

     Something that you should wear on your feet are shoes. You should wear shoes because if someone steps on your foot, it will not hurt as much as it does when wearing sandals. Don’t wear sandals if you care about your feet! Another thing that you should wear is a kind of long shirt. You should wear a kind of long shirt so that people won’t see your stomach, because you’re not at the beach, you know. Don’t wear short shirts or people will think you’re not ready for school. Do wear kind of long dresses so you look more fashionable.

     If I were you, I would wear pants, a long shirt, and tennis shoes.

     I hope I see you at school wearing some of the clothes I told you to wear!


by Alex Hernandez

One time my brother was being bullied  so I stood up for him. I looked at the bully and told him to stop. The bully looked angry but he just  stopped. Here are some other ways to deal with bullies:

1.You can just walk away from them if you don’t want to deal with them.

2. Another way to deal with  them is to just take the pain or just ignore what they are saying.

3. If someone else is getting bullied stand up to them or tell an adult.

4. Try to be nice to them or fight back with words, not violence.

5.  You can stand up for yourself and don’t let them bully you again.

These are some ways  I think  you can deal with  bullies.  By using these ways bullies will leave you alone.                                                                                                                                                                                  

As for my brother he doesn’t get bullied anymore.                                                                                        

What Not to Wear in School

By Jose Franco

     This is what not to wear at Vena Avenue Elementary School. The first thing you shouldn't wear is extra skinny pants. They might rip and you have to go to the office. The second thing is don’t bring sandals. How can you play kickball, handball, volleyball and play on the playground? Someone could step on your toes. The third thing is don’t come to school with underwear showing. Do I have to explain?

     If you bring clothes with bad words you will get suspended, because it is not good to bring inappropriate clothes. If you wear only underwear to school on a hot day, you might get sunburned and it will hurt. Don’t bring small hats that could shrink your head like a little ball. If you bring extra tight shorts, they might rip--just like the skinny pants that I've already warned  you about.

    Now that I’ve told you what not to wear, are you going to follow my advice? I’ll be watching you!


by Adrian Cabrera

     Multiplication is easy once you learn it. A trick is to think you are repeating the same number from the problem you are doing. For example for 3x6 you would have to draw a picture or add 3 six times. Another trick is to do it in your head. Sometimes it can have too many numbers, so start with the ones. That is one direction I know. If it is horizontal then rewrite the problem in vertical form. Another trick is to break it apart. For example, say you want to multiply 28 x 7. Multiply 20 and 7 and it makes 140. Then 8x7=56 so 28x7=196. For some problems that are hard like 56x 7, just like I said before, just multiply 50 and 7 and it makes 350 and multiply 6x7= 42and you get 392. Well now you know these tricks about multiplication, are you ready to do multiplication by yourself?