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Parent Feedback

We chose Vena due to its well rounded approach to education.  My children enjoy core reading, math programs on the computer, art--pervading through it all without leaving science or social studies behind.  It's better than many private schools.--Armes Family

The teachers are caring and go out of their way to make the students do their best.  I would, and will, tell everyone to enroll their kids at Vena Magnet.--Vera Medina

Vena Magnet has been a wonderful experience for my daughter.  Ms. Debuque and Ms. Garcia are excellent teachers!  Vena is like a private school without the tuition.--Raquel Trujillo

My experience at Vena has been one of a kind.  My daughter's teacher is so great.  She takes her time and has a lot of patience with the students.  She is always there to help students after school.--Lilia S. Licup and Jaylin N. Licup

Vena Magnet is a great school with wonderful teachers and an awesome staff.--Alfred Gallegos

Great school.  Staff is courteous.  My daughters are very happy going to Vena.--Mrs. Sanchez

We love Vena Elementary Magnet because they have good teachers and my daughter enjoys field trips.

I would say that this school has been wonderful.  I love the academics and extra-curricular subjects they have.  I will miss the wonderful staff the school has.--Fifth-Grade Parent

Vena Ave. Magnet is a wonderful alternative to private schools but without the high tuition fees.  It meets and exceeds the needs of each gifted student.  The campus is clean, and I always feel that my child is safe while on campus.  Vena Ave. Magnet has a wonderful sense of community and very involved families.  We love our school, teachers, administrator, and peers!--Anna Fox, Second-Grade Parent

Making Vena my child's choice of school has definitely been the BEST choice.  My daughter has truly accelerated her skills, communication, and involvement overall.--Cenia Canas

Not only are my two children given the opportunity to learn an instrument and play in an orchestra, they learn about operas, do Quest in Science, and are challenged to perform above the norm.  They learn in depth and use higher thinking skills--demonstrating what they've learned through various venues.--Deborah Armes

Hello, parents!  If you want a marvelous education for your children, the only option is VENA MAGNET.--Fourth-Grade Parent

My son entered Vena Magnet in First Grade with the most wonderful teacher, Ms. Garcia.  He loves his teachers and his school.  He is now in fourth grade and he feels very lucky to be part of Vena.--Raquel Trujillo

Vena Magnet is a great school.  It provides wholistic development for kids.  The academics are well taken cared of and learning is fun and exciting.--3rd Gr. parent

The magnet program is fabulous.  It helps our children reach higher academic goals.  It is because of the amazing coordinator and parent/teacher cooperation that we and our children have this great opportunity.--Delia Sanchez

This school is great for kids mainly because the approach in teaching takes the kids into a new world where they are hungry for more knowledge.  They come home always expecting what they are going to learn the next day.--Araceli Jimenez, 4th Gr. parent

Vena Magnet school is a great school for every student that wants a better future and wants to learn in a nice atmosphere.--K.D.

I, as a parent, invite you to Vena Magnet because I already have three kids here, and I am so happy with how they teach my kids.--Nguyen Family

Vena Magnet has a very challenging program which has helped my son progress more academically.  Looking forward to my daughter joining, too.--Celina Thephavong

Every personnel in every department of Vena is very efficient and proactive.  They inform parents on areas of improvement for each student as soon as possible.

It was an excellent choice for us, starting with the principal, the office people, the magnet coordinator, the teachers--everybody is great.--Fifth-Grade Parent

Vena ensures each child is secured.  I get out from work very late in the afternoon, and Vena has after-school programs wherein my daughter can join while she waits for me to pick her up.  This is a big help for me!--Fifth-Grade Parent

Vena Magnet School is one of the best magnet schools in the Valley compared to other schools!--Fifth-Grade Parent

This school is the best school for my daughters.  I feel confident about this school.  The magnet program is very good, and I recommend this program to all children.--Daniela Solis

Vena is a good school and is well organized.  They give a lot of attention to the children.  They treat people nicely in the office.--Fourth-Grade Parent

I cannot think of any negative comment because Vena is one of the best schools that is offered to our children.--Fourth-Grade Parent